The Dye Wells Band

Every once in a while the members of The Dye Wells travel to the Outer Banks in order to, as Michael Kalna names it, “make bonfires, beat drums, and howl at the moon.” For a band whose eclectic blend of blues, funk, and rock so often celebrates empowerment, it’s a fitting method of recreation.  Led by the Aretha and Phoebe Snow-influenced vocals of Leticia Rene Angel, the self-acclaimed Empress of Mighty Funk Nation, and backed by Kalna’s exquisite guitar and the thunderous rhythm section of Michael O’Neal, bass and Eric Mrozkowski on drums, their songs are always upbeat and dynamic.

Most of The Dye Wells musicians call North Carolina home, and the band produces a music festival, NC Fresh Catch, that promotes the state’s music and seafood. Their upcoming album, One Fine Day, was produced and engineered with the help of Triangle locals Peter Kimosh and Brian Hill, and from the songs that are already available, it’s clear that the new album showcases the band’s willingness to mix genres, styles, and tones even within a single track. What results is a surprising musical collage. No matter what kind of music you like, when The Dye Wells plays, something will get you moving.